My First American Road Trip, Days 1 & 2: Maryland, West Virginia, Pennsylvania, and Ohio

We’d been knowing for quite a while that Sarah would have to be in Europe for work for over a week during June. This would present the perfect opportunity for me to take the car out for a drive, and go on my very first American road trip. This was the plan:

Route met etappes

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Reunion in Knokke and Romance in Bruges

Yesterday we returned from Belgium, where Sarah and I enjoyed an absolutely delightful weekend. In Knokke we met up with former LSE students to have a nice reunion. We then travelled to nearby Bruges, which amazed us with its beautiful World Heritage Site class town centre. Sarah and I stayed one day longer in Bruges to enjoy a little more of its romance.


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Munich-Salzburg-Munich: Christmas Markets, Climbing the Alps, Wagner and Mozart, Bavarian Beer, and More

In an earlier post I described our latest British experiences, which ended with us getting on a plane to Munich. In Munich and Salzburg we would celebrate Christmas with Sarah’s (my girlfriend) family, who came all the way from the U.S. for six days.

December 20 we arrived in Munich, but the journey was not as smooth as one may expect, but more on that in a future post.  The plane that took us to Munich was one of the smallest I have ever been on, with only four seats in every row. At the airport we would wait for Sarah’s family, who would arrive an hour or so after us. We wandered a bit across the airport, and were surprised to see our first German Christmas market. Continue reading

Graduating from LSE and Visiting Bath

The past weeks I have not been able to publish any posts here, but for good reason. I have been travelling to London, Bath, Munich, Salzburg, back to Munich, and to Aalten (a small town on the border between the Netherlands and Germany), to celebrate graduating from LSE (London and Bath), and Christmas with my girlfriend’s family (Munich and Salzburg) and with my family (Aalten). This post will be about the trip to England. Continue reading

Going out and Sauntering in Brussels

I have just returned from a trip to Brussels, a city I had not visited before. My colleagues from the Ministry of Finance invited me to come along and go out there, and it also enabled me to meet former classmates from the LSE again, most of whom now work for the European Commission, which explains why they are in Brussels. It was nice as well, because normally I like to explore cities with my girlfriend, but she happened to have gone to Brussels already a few weeks ago, so I had some catching up to do. Continue reading