The Lost World: Jurassic Park (1997), the Hatari! (1963) of the 1990s

As a child I was crazy about dinosaurs. It turns out that much of that craziness is somehow related to Steven Spielberg. It all started with Littlefoot, a little Apatosaurus. He starred in an extensive series of cartoons. The most notable, scary, heartbreaking, and profitable one is the first, The Land Before Time, in which Littlefoot finds his way to the Green Valley through a lot of hardships, mostly caused by a cruel, big Tyrannosaurus. I remember watching it dozens of times, Littlefoot fighting with Herbie for my attention, and I am not shy to admit that I watched it once more quite recently.


Two tyrannosaurs, both from the creative hands of Steven Spielberg. At the left, Sharptooth, from the Land Before Time, and at the right the pride of Jurassic Park, breaking out of its enclosure.

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The “True” Bourne Identity (1988)

Richard Chamberlain as the “true” Jason Bourne

In the past decade, Universal Pictures distributed three movies that are (loosely) based on the three novels Robert Ludlum wrote and that bear the same names. In 2002, The Bourne Identity was produced, in 2004 followed by The Bourne Supremacy, and in 2007 by The Bourne Ultimatum. The movie trilogy was very successful and profitable, and rightfully received positive critiques. Matt Damon stars in all three movies, playing the role of Jason Bourne / David Webb. Matt Damon is one of a very few who is able to convincingly play extremely different roles and characters – whether it be an alleged assassin, a young genius, or a puppet. Continue reading