My First American Road Trip, Days 1 & 2: Maryland, West Virginia, Pennsylvania, and Ohio

We’d been knowing for quite a while that Sarah would have to be in Europe for work for over a week during June. This would present the perfect opportunity for me to take the car out for a drive, and go on my very first American road trip. This was the plan:

Route met etappes

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Why American and European soccer players won’t play chess together

Firstly, a brief note on my absence, since tomorrow it would have been 7 months since my last blog post. In April this year I started working as a strategy consultant at Deloitte. Life’s been slightly different than it was a student, sadly leaving practically no time for writing here.

A while ago Sarah and I were on a trip to the U.S. Somewhere along the trip we watched the soccer game of the U.S. versus Mexico. After the game goalkeeper Tim Howard and offensive midfielder Clint Dempsey were interviewed. Something caught my attention, but at first I didn’t really know what it was. Then it hit me: these guys actually know what they are talking about.

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