My Bucket Map

I don’t want to find myself realising, one day, that ‘I should have thought about doing […] earlier, because now it’s too late.’

Therefore, I starting thinking about what would be on my bucket list. It happens to be the case that every single thing I came up with was, one way or another, related to travelling. So, my bucket list is going to be a bucket map.

Blue-coloured countries are those that I visited. The grey ones are those that I have not visited. My bucket map is therefore comprised of the grey countries.

Here is one for the world:

amCharts (1)

As I am living in the U.S. for the next months and years, I have added an additional bucket map for the U.S. states I have and have not visited:

Maps have been created through


2 comments on “My Bucket Map

  1. Krista Kemp says:

    Love your “think outside the box” approach!

  2. erinksexton says:

    I have been looking for a resource to help me create an interactive map like this – thank you!!

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