Some surprising things about the U.S. you only notice when you travel there

About 6 weeks ago I moved from the Netherlands to the U.S. Ever since I’ve had a great time living my American Dream. While making a couple of awesome road trips, organising our upcoming wedding, and decorating our new apartment I came across a few things truly American I didn’t know about, despite dating an American girlfriend for a couple of years. Continue reading

Tips for a Cheap Road Trip


In the past I have had great fun making a number of road trips. In Europe, a three-week trip took me through Belgium, Luxembourg, France, Italy, Austria, Germany, and the Netherlands. In the U.S. I took two one-week road trips in the U.S., one by myself and one with Sarah. The best part of it was that these trips weren’t even all that expensive!

I’d like to share some of the ways in which I managed to save costs on 4 areas: driving, eating, sleeping, and getting discounts. Continue reading

Classic Colorado: Denver, Rocky Mountains, Hot Springs and a Rodeo


It was another very hot day. After our whitewater adventures we would do a lot of driving today. We however started on foot, exploring Colorado’s capital, Denver. Our first stop was Tattered Cover Book Store, a book shop unique in several ways. The store, first of all, offers both new and used books right next to each other on its shelves. As we found many bargains, we quickly realised that we should be careful not to buy too many, as our budget airline would not allow us to bring them home. Furthermore, a selection of books are accompanied by handwritten notes of the shop’s staff describing how they experienced reading the specific books, giving the whole scene a very personal touch. Knowing that later today we would follow into Stephen King’s footsteps, I bought a beautiful hardback copy of The Stand. Continue reading

My First American Road Trip, Days 5 & 6: Tennessee and Virginia

Route met etappes

Day 5: Knoxville (TN) – Wytheville (VA) ~190 miles

After a quick breakfast I drove to the Mabry-Hazen House, a beautiful historic house in Knoxville built in 1858. Its location on a hilltop, with views to all sides, made it an important strategic stronghold for whoever occupied it during the Civil War. It was heavily fought over and changed hands multiple times. Continue reading

My First American Road Trip, Days 3 & 4: Indiana, Kentucky, and Tennessee

Route met etappes

Day 3: Columbus (Ohio) – Lexington (KY), ~200 miles

I got an early rise as I was more than ready to leave the creepy motel in Columbus. After an unsurprisingly terrible breakfast I drove south without many stops as I wanted to reach the Kentucky Horse Park by 1.30pm at the latest. This way, I would be able to see most of their shows of that day. I allowed for a small detour around Cincinnati, as it would allow me to briefly visit Indiana, while in the mean time I would listen to the adventures #6 and #7 of Mr Sherlock Holmes. Continue reading