Some Cheap and Less Cheap Books

In the upcoming days and weeks I will apply for a job at some of the major strategy consultants. To do so, I have to pass some case interviews. To ace them, you need practice – a lot of practice. I ordered one of the (self-proclaimed) case interview bibles: Case in Point, written by Marc P. Cosentino. I had to pay about 25 euro for it, and a signifcant amount of shipping costs.

Today I received it. This book is supposed to give me more confidence. But then, I looked at the cover (see picture below).


Left: the book. Right: a close up of an interesting part of the cover.

So, apparently, proofreading the cover was too much to ask. And I paid (way) over 25 euro for this book. Continue reading


Sharing LAN Internet: Use a “Virtual Router”

In my apartment I have a LAN (“cable”) internet connection. I recently got a second laptop which I would like to connect to the internet as well. Every attempt to do so failed, until an hour ago.

I cannot split the cable, because my MAC address is (uniquely) registered with my landlords (the internet connection can only be accessed by the computer with the registered MAC address). Also, my landlords forbid to use routers, so the LAN cable will have to be my access point. Continue reading

Two Scary Hours on a Football Pitch

Last Sunday something terrible happened on a Dutch football pitch.  After a match between two amateur, youth teams, three boys (two 15 year-olds and one 16 year-old) beat up the linesman of the other team. The linesman, 41 year-old Richard Nieuwenhuizen, suffered blows on his head and neck, causing severe brain damage. He passed away a day later.

Discussions now focus on ‘violence on the football field’. Let me be clear. I totally agree with almost all measures that have been and will be taken to address what happened this time and to (try to) prevent such things from happening again. This weekend, all amateur football matches in the Netherlands have been cancelled. Meetings are organised at many clubs to talk about what happened. This weekend, professional teams will be wearing black mourning bands and will observe a moment of silence before their games. It cannot get enough attention. Continue reading

Reminiscing and Buying Books at Tilburg University

Today I hung around at the Tilburg University campus, since I had planned to meet three professors for my graduation research. The professors were not available, or at least not immediately, so I wandered around a bit on the lovely campus, situated on the western outskirts of Tilburg. The campus is almost part of the adjacent park the “Oude Warande“, which was designed already in 1712. I enjoyed the natural surroundings with its last autumnal shades, almost letting the bright sunshine and cloudless sky fool me to believe that winter is not on our doorstep. Continue reading

World Press Photo Candidate

The newspaper

After a day of work, I just rode the train home. I read the newspaper Metro, which apparently recently became the biggest newspaper of the Netherlands. The largest article, in the centre of the page, with the title “Handpop Happy Monkey helpt peuters Engels leren” (“Hand puppet Happy Monkey helps toddlers learn English”), tells about how a teacher uses a hand puppet to teach 3-year-olds English. The picture, however, is what caught my attention. Below you can find a zoomed in version. Continue reading