05/09/2015: A new, bigger league can save Dutch, Belgian, and Scandinavian title aspirations

29/08/2015: Artificial Intelligence: Dawn of a New Age of Central Planning?

22/08/2015: Behind the Scenes at the National Cathedral

15/08/2015: 5 things the world thinks are Dutch

08/08/2015: Why the government should not be the Big Innovator

01/08/2015: Why the U.S. men’s soccer team will challenge the world

25/07/2015: A happy man

18/07/2015: Lessons from Africa for the Eurozone

11/07/2015: Some surprising things about the U.S. you only notice when you travel there

06/07/2015: Why Greece must leave the Eurozone

04/07/2015: Tips for a Cheap Road Trip

01/07/2015: The Greek Euro problem in one picture

29/06/2015: Classic Colorado: Denver, Rocky Mountains, Hot Springs and a Rodeo

23/06/2015: Colossal Colorado: Alpine Railways and White Water Rafting

23/06/2015: My First American Road Trip, Days 5 & 6: Tennessee and Virginia

13/06/2015: My First American Road Trip, Days 3 & 4: Indiana, Kentucky, and Tennessee

13/06/2015: My First American Road Trip, Days 1 & 2: Maryland, West Virginia, Pennsylvania, and Ohio

02/06/2015: Harper’s Ferry and Virginia Wineries

02/06/2015: Failing and passing a single driver’s license road test in the U.S.

27/05/2015: 4 crazy immigration puzzles and dilemmas

25/05/2015: Must-sees and dos in Haarlem: my top 5

10/05/2015: A few last nostalgic days in the Netherlands

03/01/2015: Christmas and New Year’s driving: >24 hours and >2,400 kilometers on the road

15/06/2014: What football can learn from the tennis tiebreak

07/06/2014: First days in Malta

22/02/2014: Changing some Soccer Rules

20/01/2014: Painful Pictures

18/01/2014: British men are gay. Or naughty during their holidays. Or have non-human sexual partners. Or women are cheaters.

26/12/2013: Women Quota: Bad, Bad Idea

24/11/2013: Increasing tax rates may not… increase taxes!

22/10/2013: Zwarte Piet: Some Predictions and the Involvement of the United Nations

12/10/2013: Why American and European soccer players won’t play chess together

19/03/2013: Highly Educated? Don’t Bother Coming to the Netherlands

13/03/2013: The Odds of Breaking Temperature Records: Not Extreme After All

09/03/2013: Why the Rest of the World Gains from U.S. Inequalities

08/03/2013: The Crazy Concept of Life Expectancy

05/03/2013: The Lost World: Jurassic Park (1997), the Hatari! (1963) of the 1990s

27/02/2013: Clouds Cover the Netherlands Exactly

26/02/2013: You’ll Never Walk Alone: a Myth at FC Twente

26/02/2013: Reunion in Knokke and Romance in Bruges

18/02/2013: Implementing Venture Capital Policies in Europe Requires more than a Casual Look at Silicon Valley

17/02/2013: Venture Capital Policies in the Netherlands: Lessons from the Literature and Benchmark Countries

17/02/2013: Please, Sven (Kramer)?!

07/01/2013: Could Game Theoretic Price Collusion be Legal?

07/01/2013: The Scam Called Terravision

06/01/2013: Munich-Salzburg-Munich: Christmas Markets, Climbing the Alps, Wagner and Mozart, Bavarian Beer, and More

02/01/2013: Sharing LAN Internet: Use a “Virtual Router”

31/12/2012: Graduating from LSE and Visiting Bath

12/12/2012: Krugman’s Own Hubris

09/12/2012: Polling Hypocrisy

08/12/2012: The True Winner of the London 2012 Summer Olympics

07/12/2012: Our Hero, Zwarte Piet (“Black Pete”)

05/12/2012: Two Scary Hours on a Football Pitch

02/12/2012: Austerity: It’s About Time

01/12/2012: SP Member of Parliament Wants to… Decrease Retirement Ages?!

29/11/2012: A Disadvantage of Flex-Working

27/11/2012: Why politicians should be honest about the costs of the Euro

26/11/2012: Financing Education Sustainably – There is a Way

24/11/2012: The “True” Bourne Identity (1988)

24/11/2012: Football: Replace the 90 Minutes Official Time by 65 Minutes of Actual Playing Time

22/11/2012: Reminiscing and Buying Books at Tilburg University

21/11/2012: Ronald Koeman is Right

17/11/2012: Pitfalls of Funded Pensions

15/11/2012: My First Holland-Germany

09/11/2012: Why not Publish Photos/Videos of Criminals Immediately?

08/11/2012: Behind Billows of Smoke: Why Colorado and Washington Made the Right Decision

30/10/2012: World Press Photo Candidate

27/10/2012: Going out and Sauntering in Brussels

24/10/2012: Lance Armstrong’s Heritage: Extreme Bans?

23/10/2012: To the Defence of the Practical Use of Neoclassical Economics

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