The Scam Called Terravision

In a previous post I wrote that our journey from London to Munich was not as smooth as one may expect.


Well, we left our London hotel early, around 3.30am, to get on an early bus to Stansted Airport. We booked reserved seatings with Terravision. Arriving at the bus stop around 3.50am we saw a remarkably big crowd waiting for buses to the airport. Unfortunately, it was raining quite hard. Our bus was to depart around 4.20am. Around that time a bus from Terravision indeed arrived, but something was wrong. It was actually the 3.50am bus, which was late. But, people waiting for the 3.50am bus, at least 20 or 30 people, could not even get on: it was full!

The spokesperson of Terravision at the scene, an Italian-English slacker, was not really a spokesperson. He pretended to be on the phone all the time, so as to avoid any questions or comments from the waiting crowd. Like all the other waiting people, I wanted to know what was wrong. I asked whether our bus was late (it was past 4.30am already), whether if it would come there would indeed be enough free seats, etc. The only thing the (%!%@#!#) said, literally, was: “You wait.” Is our bus on its way? You wait. Will we be on the airport before 6am? You wait. Can we get our money back? You wait.

Both Sarah and I were stubborn in that we paid for reserved seats and hence wanted to get our money’s worth. However, we did not want to jeopardise our entire trip by risking to miss our flight, so we took the train from Liverpool Street Station to Stansted. Thinking about it I still get mad. At least tell your paying customers if something is wrong, so that they can limit the damage caused. (This happened to be the second time something like this happened.)

My advice: do not ever take the Terravision coaches. They are a scam.

Thankfully, the train did get us in time to the airport. It is still a bit of a shame that we spent 60 pounds (almost 75 euro) to get to the airport.

4 comments on “The Scam Called Terravision

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  2. emma says:

    Lol, i remember the ticket seller keep checking at girls. REALLY checking that is so obvious and uncomfortable.

  3. Giuseppe Ricciardi says:

    I had prebooked 2 tickets from Liverpool Street to Stansted.

    After waiting for an hour at London Liverpool Street I have decided to get the train as the ticket attendant said to contact customer service for a full refund.

    I have tried to contact Customer Service by email and by phone, they are useless, they haven’t replied to any of my emails.

    After 5 month I have decided to contact my bank and dispute the payment. I now have a full refund. You can do dispute within maximum 120 days, so be quick. 🙂


    • I am sorry to hear that, Guiseppe. That’s actually smart, disputing the payment – I hadn’t thought of it. I am afraid that the 120 days have passed in my case…

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