A Disadvantage of Flex-Working

A relatively new phenomenon, I think, on working floors is the concept of flex-working. This means that you don’t have a fixed workplace, you just take a spot that happens to be free. This way, when a share of the workforce works part-time, less workplaces are needed.

Of course, workers don’t like flex-working. They try to conquer a spot nonetheless, and make sure that somehow they retain it. Think about tricks like leaving a desk covered with papers and notes, or “forgetting” to log out the computer, ensuring that someone else cannot log in.

I happen to be the youngest of our department, which hierarchically means that I am the flex-worker. The past weeks, I have worked on dozens of workplaces, with multiple computers. Today I was reminded of a particular disadvantage of flex-working: some people care less about hygiene than others. When I touched the keyboard I am typing on right now for the first time, my fingers seemed to be glued to it immediately. The mouse seemed to be a real mouse.

I cannot wait until I am big enough to conquer my own spot.

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