Reminiscing and Buying Books at Tilburg University

Today I hung around at the Tilburg University campus, since I had planned to meet three professors for my graduation research. The professors were not available, or at least not immediately, so I wandered around a bit on the lovely campus, situated on the western outskirts of Tilburg. The campus is almost part of the adjacent park the “Oude Warande“, which was designed already in 1712. I enjoyed the natural surroundings with its last autumnal shades, almost letting the bright sunshine and cloudless sky fool me to believe that winter is not on our doorstep.

Reminiscing over fond memories, I remembered that there used to be an amazing second-hand bookshop, well hidden in one of the many, vast basements of the Cobbenhagen building.

The Cobbenhagen building at the Tilburg University campus, named after Martinus Cobbenhagen, who was a priest besides an academic, and who was one of the founders of the school of economics that would later evolve into Tilburg University.

I was disappointed to find the specific part of the basement, where the shop used to be, deserted. I quickly learned that my disappointment was short-lived. The shop was moved to another part of the basement.

Within minutes, I had seen at least 30 books I wanted to take. The books are very affordable. The shop is run by Books4Life, which is run by volunteers, who sell donated books, with the proceeds going to charity.

Eventually, I decided to take no less than 13 books, about as much as I could carry with me, for a very decent price of 30 euros! I can recommend everyone to visit the bookshop. Thinking about it, this might actually be a reason for people to visit Tilburg in the first place.

The books I bought. Yes, I am dying to plan an exciting trip!

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