Why not Publish Photos/Videos of Criminals Immediately?

Why can we not publish photo or video material of criminals immediately, if the misdeed is clear and severe enough, and possible victims have no objections? I have no idea how things works in other countries, but apparently we cannot do so in the Netherlands.

On 13 February of this year, a man was attacked in front of a bar in the town of Hardenberg. Totally out of the blue, some guy gave him a blast, broke his jaw in two places, gave him a cracked skull, and a concussion. The 25-year-old victim had to eat fluid food for 6 weeks. Today, footage was released to catch the lowlife, which also shows how members of his crew try to start a fight with other, random guys in a bathroom of a club. You can watch it below, but I guess I have to warn you that it may be shocking.

Perhaps they will still catch them, but my frustration: the footage is from February this year! Why wait so long?! They might be anywhere now!

Update 10 November 2012:

Apparently, publishing the footage has a result; the crook turned himself in. I guess that’s why the footage above has been removed. Especially now it had a result so quickly, it begs the question why they waited so long with publishing it.

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