A Disadvantage of Flex-Working

A relatively new phenomenon, I think, on working floors is the concept of flex-working. This means that you don’t have a fixed workplace, you just take a spot that happens to be free. This way, when a share of the workforce works part-time, less workplaces are needed. Continue reading

Why politicians should be honest about the costs of the Euro

Today, Mark Rutte acknowledged that he broke one of his election promises. Right before the elections he said, quite literally, that Greece would not receive another Euro, and that the Greek had to sort out their own mess. Today, a new agreement broke those promises. Continue reading

Financing Education Sustainably – There is a Way

Recently, less recently, even less recently, and on many other occasions has the financing of education been an issue. Costs have grown too high, now after decades of expanding welfare states a structural economic recession seems to have set in. In many countries tuition fees have been raised and students are entitled to less and smaller allowances from the government. This raises an issue of equity: children of poorer families might have smaller and fewer opportunities to enjoy a good education. It also raises an issue of underinvestment in education: too many might decide not to enroll in schools because of the massive debts they would accumulate. Continue reading

The “True” Bourne Identity (1988)

Richard Chamberlain as the “true” Jason Bourne

In the past decade, Universal Pictures distributed three movies that are (loosely) based on the three novels Robert Ludlum wrote and that bear the same names. In 2002, The Bourne Identity was produced, in 2004 followed by The Bourne Supremacy, and in 2007 by The Bourne Ultimatum. The movie trilogy was very successful and profitable, and rightfully received positive critiques. Matt Damon stars in all three movies, playing the role of Jason Bourne / David Webb. Matt Damon is one of a very few who is able to convincingly play extremely different roles and characters – whether it be an alleged assassin, a young genius, or a puppet. Continue reading

Football: Replace the 90 Minutes Official Time by 65 Minutes of Actual Playing Time

Which football supporter has not been irritated by it? Two football teams play each other. The one team (in my memory often an Italian one) is happy with the current score, the other is not. The former team tries to survive the rest of the game without conceding a goal. An effective strategy: don’t play at all. This is referred to as the practice of  running out the clock, stonewalling, killing the clock, stalling, time-wasting, or sandbagging. Continue reading