World Press Photo Candidate

The newspaper

After a day of work, I just rode the train home. I read the newspaper Metro, which apparently recently became the biggest newspaper of the Netherlands. The largest article, in the centre of the page, with the title “Handpop Happy Monkey helpt peuters Engels leren” (“Hand puppet Happy Monkey helps toddlers learn English”), tells about how a teacher uses a hand puppet to teach 3-year-olds English. The picture, however, is what caught my attention. Below you can find a zoomed in version.

Look at the girls…

Believe it or not, the caption states the following: “The children respond enthusiastically to the English class of Mrs. Fransisca and hand puppet Happy Monkey.” To me, the left girl does not look enthusiastically (at all).

But hey, at least the right girl raises both her fingers!

Update 8 November 2012:

The above was meant as a joke. This, however, is a good reason not to read the Metro again for quite a while. Whoever allowed that piece to be published deserves a lot, but praise and glory are not part of it. Idiots.

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